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Our vision is to contribute to a higher quality of life for the many with our waterless toilet solutions. This is the foundation of our organization that reflects our way of working. Our rapid, global expansion enables us to invest more into the future development of products that are specially adapted to parts of the world where the need for our products is the greatest.

Our non-profit collaboration with the organization X-Runner that works for better sanitation in Lima, Peru


Sanitation for all

"One in three people live without sanitation. This is causing unnecessary disease and death. Although huge strides have been made with access to clean drinking water, lack of sanitation is undermining these advances. If we provide affordable equipment and education in hygiene practices, we can stop this senseless suffering and loss of life. [...] By 2030, achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation" Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 6.2 - End open defectation and provide access to sanitation and hygiene

Some of our ongoing projects


Separett CEO and COO visiting the first installations in China Separett in China

Lima, Peru together with the organization X-Runner Separett in Peru

Sucre, Bolivia together with the organization SNV Separett in Bolivia

At the workplace

At Separett, we put the well-being of our staff at the center, where the employees themselves have developed 'Code of conduct' for the daily cooperation and interaction at the company. Read our common Goals and Code of conduct here


Competence-validating Industry

When the staff develop, our products develop and the quality of our delivery increases. This leads to more satisfied customers and an increase of sales. If you only look at the last line, validating the competence and skills of your staff may seem expensive. Actually, it is the opposite. A company can not afford a lack of skills. My advise is: Do not buy that extra machine, invest in your staff instead!' - Separett CEO Mikael Read the full interview with Mikael here


Work environment & Health
Work environment & Health The following are examples of benefits that all Separett employees are entitled to: - Wellness allowance and the opportunity to exercise during working hours 1 h / week - Access to Gym, Sauna and Shower at the workplace - Massage offered at the workplace during working hours once a month - A varied fruit basket that offers fruit daily - Common time for breakfast and afternoon coffee during working hours - Opportunity to donate blood during working hours - Recurring health check financed by Separett - Profit-sharing foundation - Continuous 'Time for me' dialogues with the team leader to follow-up on the individual's well-being and goals


Equality & Diversity
For us at Separett, diversity and equality are a matter of course - we welcome everyone. Our latest recruitment to the Separett team was done together with 'Make room for', which is the Swedish Public Employment Service's initiative to help people with a disability to get jobs. 

LOTS® as a tool
LOTS®  is a tool and process used to develop leaders, teams and companies that help us think and act from the outside in and from the inside out in a sustainable way. LOTS® has long been the guiding star for Separett's successful journey, where CEO Mikael is a certified LOTS® coach. All different departments at Separett undergo a LOTS® annually to work out a plan that is followed up during the year.

Read the full interview with Mikael here



We believe in continuous innovation and development in order to achieve our common goals. In 2015, Separett moved its operations from Skinnebo, Gislaved to Värnamo just a stone's throw from the European Route E4. This to be able to recruit competence and being closer to several universities, colleges and professional universities for promoted innovation.

Today, we are extremely proud of our close collaboration with, among others, Campus Värnamo and Jönköping International Business School, where we often include students from all over the world in the search for new ways of thinking and to prepare for future challenges.

An example of this is the TED week (Technology Economy Design) at Campus Värnamo which was an international collaboration between Separett, Jönköping University, Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati and Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in Israel. For one week, the students were given the task of developing a new waterless toilet with a focus on users in poor parts of the world.

Read more about the TED-week here

JU students win essay competition with their market analysis for Separett