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    • Only option for Private customers  is Credit Card, we currently accept Visa and Mastercard.
    • For our Corporate customers we offer Invoice.
    • Separett AB reserves the right to exclude other payment methods.
    • Separett AB does not accept payment in cash or by checks and Separett AB can´t be held responsible for it. You must notify us immediately if you notice any errors in your payment details. 
    • If you pay by credit card, we will pre-authorize that card after receiving your order to ensure that there is sufficient funds to complete the transaction. If we don´t receive the necessary authorization, we are not responsible for any delay or delivery.
    • The order confirmation on does not constitute an invoice



    • If you don´t meet your payment obligations to Separett AB, we may charge a statutory penalty interest rate and the reasonable costs that Separett AB must incur in order to still receive full payment from you, including collection costs.
    • If you don´t meet your payment obligations, we also have the right to claim the products delivered to you as our property and demand return. In that case, you are responsible for the cost of returning the products.



  • CARD
    • Card payment is made in collaboration with Klarna
    • Payment Services AB guarantees that the customer's card details can only be read by the payment and banking system - no one else.
    • Separett AB does NOT store any information relating to payment information.
    • if you choose card payment, you are asked to fill in information about card number and owner etc.
    • Click "Buy now" and the request is forwarded to the bank for verification of the transaction.
      • If the transaction is allowed, you will be sent to the receipt page.
      • If the transaction is NOT allowed, you are sent back to the previous page where error message is displayed..
    • Back on the checkout page, you can choose a different payment method.



    • Only one discount code can be redeemed per order.
    • When the period of validity expires, the code can no longer be used. If an order has been canceled, the redeemed discount code can´t be used again.
    • Returned orders are credited only to the amount paid for the returned item without a discount code value. The used code can´t be used again.



    • All processing of your personal data is in accordance with GDPR.
    • If you want to know what this means, read under chapter COOKIES AND PERSONAL DATA