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General Terms And Conditions


  • These General Terms and Conditions apply to any offer of Separett made via the website and to any distance agreement subsequently entered into between Separett and a consumer, ie a natural person who does not act in a profession or run a business.
  • In addition to these terms of use, additional terms may apply to certain products when expressly stated in relation to the product concerned.
  • Before entering into the agreement, these terms of use and any additional terms will be made available to you electronically so that you can easily print or store them on a permanent data carrier. You can also access these Terms of Use at any time on the Website.



Bredastensvägen 8
SE 331 44 Värnamo
Telephone customer service: +46 (0) 370 - 307200
Availability: Mondays to Fridays from 09.00 to 15.00  (lunch break 12.00-13.00)
Separett AB is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, corporate identity number 556193-0305



  • If you use our website, you accept that communication with us is usually done electronically and that we will usually contact you by e-mail regarding the execution of the agreement or to provide information. Make sure our email does not end up in your spam.
  • All messages that you give us should preferably be sent by e-mail.
  • Communication is considered to have been received and performed correctly 24 hours after sending an e-mail or three days after sending a letter.
  • In order to prove that the message has been provided, it is sufficient to show whether the letter has been addressed correctly, stamped and posted, and in the event of an e-mail, that this e-mail has been sent to the delivered e-mail address to the address.



  • Changes to these terms and conditions will take effect only after publication and will only apply to agreements entered into after the changes take effect, provided that if changes are made during the offer period, the most advantageous provision will apply to you.



  • Please contact Separett for any service questions or complaints.
  • You can submit a complaint by sending an e-mail to, preferably with photos.
  • We will provide a detailed response to your complaint via email within 3-4 days of receipt.
  • If a complaint requires a longer processing period, we will send you a receipt of receipt of your complaint within the 3-day period, indicating when you can expect a more detailed response.
  • We strive to solve your case in the best possible way.



    • Separett signs agreements only with customers over 18 years of age, legally and fully legally entitled to enter agreements with other parties.

    • Product and price information is provided with reservation for typos and any errors. incorrect technical specifications, etc
    • Although we do our utmost to ensure that all prices and details on our website are correct, errors cannot be ruled out completely.
    • If we find an error in the price of one or more products that you ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the opportunity to confirm the order at the right price or terminate the contract.  
    • If we are unable to contact you within a reasonable time using the contact information you have provided, or if you do not confirm the order to us at the right price, the agreement will automatically terminate.
    • All prices on Separett's web site for private individuals are stated including VAT.


    • When selling to individual consumers, the provisions of the Consumer Purchasing Law always apply, as well as the distance and home sales law.
    • According to the Distance and Home Sales Act, you as a customer always have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days of receipt of the item and without having to state any special reason.
    • When claiming the right of withdrawal and open purchase, you as a customer are responsible for the cost of the freight, return freight and the return risk.
    • When you shop through a company or use a company name on the receipt, the purchasing law applies.
    • Product not available
    • If the ordered product is not available or cannot be produced, Separett AB has the right to cancel the order.
    • If that is the case, Separett will of course inform you about it, and offer you a similar product. If no similar product is available, we will reimburse the costs.



  • Finding items
    • There are several ways to find an item:
      • You can use the navigation tree to browse through items.
      • Use the search field. Type in what you are searching for / article number
      • When you found an item that you want, press "GO TO CART".
      • Top right you can find the Cart 
  •  Cart
    • Here we show your items and the total order sum.
    • You can change the content of your cart througn add or remove number of articles.  Cart updates automatically.
    • If you have a discount code - enter your coupon here
  • Checkout
    • At checkout you can either register or sign in if you haven't already done that.
    • Fill in your address and contact information. 
    • Choose delivery and payment method. 
    • Then press "Send order".
    • Be sure to check your address, notification number and the contents of your cart before you send your order.



  • Login
    • Are you already registered customer, you login with your username and password.
    • Here you can change the information you supplied when you registered.
  •  Register
    • If this is your first time you make an online buy from us you register yourself as New Customer.
    • Note that username must be unique to you. If the username is already registered with us, our system asks you to choose a new one.
    • When choosing a username, keep in mind the following:If you need to change your customer details at a later date, do so under "My Account" after logging in.
      • You choose a username and password yourself.
      • Select characters A - Z, A - Z, 0 - 9
      • Do not use spaces
      • In the password, common and VERSALA characters are counted as different, "annikas" and "AnnikaS" are thus two different passwords