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Problems with a product?

We're sorry you have a problem with one of our products. We are constantly working to minimize errors and try to prevent the problems that may arise. Regardless of whether you have a warranty left or not, you can get help to solve the faults with your product.

We have recently redesigned our bug report forum, so you can now use our web tool whether it is a warranty issue or a non-warranty repair. If there is no fault in the product but it is a service of an incinerator you want, you use the service booking here instead »

Fill in the questionnaire carefully and make sure that you attach all the requested photos and documents. The reason why we need all this information is to be able to make a correct assessment of the case and provide feedback with good measures so that the problem does not arise again. Read our warranty terms »

Error Report

Check your error code before reporting the error

Always read through troubleshooting for your product before filling in the error report, as most errors can be fixed yourself.