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Latrine Composter Roslagskomposten

3-5 days
Latrine compost Roslagskomposten solves the problem with your toilet waste. The large volume of 500 liters makes Roslagskomposten suitable for combined composting of household and human waste at holiday properties.
SKU: 30010
  • Product description

    Roslagskomposten is a toilet waste composter designed for composting of both householdwaste and toilet waste. The container has a solid watertight structure frame which is important when composting toilet waste.

    The lid is made of galvanised steel and formed to help water rinse off. It slides to it's place and creates a closure that prevents animals from entering the bin. Always keep the lid closed and make sure that air can flow through the bin from the ventilation grids. 

  • User instructions

    Add air to the waste during the composting process. Preferrably use the specially designed Separett Compost Screw.

  • How the product works

    Before any waste is inserted in the container apply a layer of peat or other dry filtering material in the bottom. To avoid excess moisture in the composter during composting it's recommended to apply dry material when needed. If only toilet waste is composted it's recommended to not add much dry material as the waste itself is very dry and poor in nutrients.

    We recommend using two Roslagen composters by turns.
    When the first container is filled to 2/3 of it's total volume it's time to take the second container in use. Let the waste in the first container rest for 12 months without adding any more toilet waste. This gives enough time for the harmful bacteria in the waste to die. After 12 months has passed the waste can be buried to the ground or further composted to soil in a regular composter. In cold climates the container may need to rest for 18 months as the process slows down and may even stop during winter.

    The rest product is a lightweight, dry and odorless compost soil. This composter is accepted in most areas but it's always required for the user to check the local regulations for use of a composter. Contact your local health/environment muncipality for more information.

  • Installation

    A compost shall always be installed as far away from residency as possible. Make sure that the compost is placed on a flat area with as little sunlight as possible. It's recommended to leave enough space around the composter so that it can easily be accessed with a wheelbarrow.

    Roslagskomposten can be digged down to the ground. The ventilation grids below the lid on two sides of the bin must always be above ground level.

  • Maintenance and cleaning

    Wash the container after a composting cycle is completed.

  • Productdata
    Product weight   20 kg
    Product measurements                                                       Length 97,5 cm | Width 92,5 cm | Height 84 cm
    Material upper part                                       Galvanised steel
    Material lower part                                       Polyethene - recyclable and shock proof
  • Files and Manuals

    Leaflet Roslagskomposten

  • This is included

    - 1 x Roslagskomposten toilet waste composter 500 liter
    - Lid
    - User manual


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