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Long-term storage other Long term storage urine diverting toilets

if you are going to be away for a substantial period or shut your holiday home for the winter, you should consider cleaning your urine diverting toilet thoroughly.

Before you start on the cleaning: Remove the waste container from the toilet and turn off of the fan.

1. Cleaning the toilet and the waste container

Empty the container of the solid waste, flush out with water and clean it thoroughly with cleaning agent. Clean the toilet internally and externally with cleaning agent, cloth and if necessary a brush as well.

2. Cleaning any urine hose/siphon

Flush out urine pipe and urine hose with water. This can also be beneficially performed before your urine diverting toilet is put into operation after a substantial break. If urine pipe and/or urine hose should become blocked, they are available for purchase as spare parts in our web shop or via our retailers.

3. Cleaning ejector tank

Empty and clean the ejector tank thoroughly by flushing tank and hose with plenty of water. The ejector tank should be brought in during the winter as there is otherwise a risk of the ejector nozzle, where water and urine are mixed, bursting.