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  • 12 V OR 230 V USE

Villa® Extend

3-5 days
Villa® Extend is a urine-separating toilet that requires an external waste container under the floor for increased capacity.
SKU: 1191-01
Not available for sale - contact us if interested
  • Product description

    The toilet for increased capacity
    Villa 9020 is a urine separating toilet that requires a container under the floor (not included). The container must be accessible from the outside for emptying reasons.

    This toilet is suitable for permanent or leisure living with space under the house, for example households that stand on a hill above cliffs. In addition to the waste container of Villa 9020 being located outside of the toilet area, it also has the option of a higher capacity than a regular Villa-toilet depending on the choice of external collection container. When buying a Villa 9020, our Accessory Package (Article no.: 1227-01) has everything needed to collect the dry waste from Villa 9020. This includes external collection containers that hold 50 liters, which is twice as much as the latrine container in a regular Villa toilet.

    The toilet is operated on: battery (battery not included), solar cell or 230V operation. Comes with 12-V fan, battery cables and eliminator for connection to 230-V sockets  230-V fan is available as an accessory (art. No. 10798-01).

    Hygienic and odorless
    Villa 9020 has high operational reliability, is easy to install and does not take up more space than a standard toilet seat. The fan exhales the small odor that is formed despite urine separation and also contributes to a better indoor climate by constantly keeping the air in the property in motion. The fan is efficient and quiet and feels best from continuous operation. The view screen hides the dry waste in the latrine container and is only pushed away when you sit down to use the toilet. This means that you never see the toilet waste except when it is time to empty. 

  • How the product works

    The urine-separating toilet Villa separates urine and solid waste and is equipped with a fan that draws out moisture and air, which makes it completely odorless in the space where the toilet is located. The urine is led out to an external collection container or infiltration while the solid waste ends up in a compostable biosack made of corn starch which can then be composted.

    Note that this version of the Villa toilet (Villa 9020) requires an external container for the solid waste that is placed under the toilet space for increased capacity.

  • User instructions

    When using a urine-separating toilet, it is important to always use the toilet while sitting. In this way, everything ends up in the right place - the urine at the front in the urine bowl, the solid waste and toilet paper at the back in the waste container.

    Our toilets in the VILLA series are equipped with a blue view screen that is pushed away when you sit on the toilet seat.

  • Installation

  • Maintenance and cleaning

    Recommended accessories for a clean and fresh toilet

    Bio dran cleaner

    To keep it clean and fresh in the urine bowl and urine hose, we recommend our biological tablets with citrus scent called Bio dran cleaner. The tablet is placed in the urine bowl and slowly broken down and the enzymes keep the urine drain free of deposits that over time otherwise risk stopping the flow. In addition, they add a clean and fresh scent to the toilet space.


    Separett Absorb is used to absorb any moisture in the bottom of the latrine bag during use and composting. The cloth is placed in the bottom of the latrine container or on the inside of the latrine bag and helps to keep the contents dry and thus odorless. Separett Absorb is compostable and decomposes together with the toilet waste.

  • Productdata
    Capacity Unlimited - need for emptying depends on the amoynt of users
    Product weight   19 kg
    Package weight 22 kg
    Max user weight                                              150 kg
    Product measurements                                                       Length 67,2 cm | Widht 45,6 cm | Height 54,1 cm
    Seat height                                                       44 cm
    Package size                                                                             Length 77 cm | Width 47 cm | Height 66 cm
    Material                                                            Recyclable high-gloss polypropylene
    Emptying interval with 4 users (liquids)     When the eventual container is full
    Energy consumption                                                             0.06 kWh / 24h
    Connection Battery cables 1,9 m or power adapter 12 V / 230 V
    Total effect                                                      12 V / 2.5 W / 210 mA
    Voltage                                                              12 / 230V
    Ventilation duct / pipes  Ventilation pipe Ø75 mm | Urine extraction pipe Ø32 mm
    Noise level in use                                           <30 dB(A)
  • Files and Manuals

    User manual Drilling Template Product sheet Wall hung user instruction Footprint Villa (printed on A4 paper) Footprint Villa (printed on A3 paper)

  • This is included
    • Villa® Extend waterless separating composting toilet, 12 V / 230 V
    • User and installation manual
    • Universal adapter for power socket
    • Battery cables for solar / battery use
    • A funnel to lead the solid waste to an external container
    • Straight connector piece to fit the 90° bend
    • 90° bend for the Ø 75 mm ventilation pipe
    • Ventilation pipe 40 cm Ø 75 mm for simple ventilation installation through the wall
    • Rain cap for vertical ventilation installation
    • Vent grid for horizontal ventilation installation
    • Insect net for the ventilation pipe
    • Indoor flashing for the Ø 75 mm ventilation pipe and Ø 32 mm urine hose
    • 2 m white urine hose Ø 32 mm to lead out the urine
    • 90° bend for the Ø 32 mm urine hose
    • Straight connector for the Ø 32 mm urine ho
    • Silicone strip to seal the bottom of the toilet
    • Wall mount to attach the toilet in the wall
    • 2 x wall mount to attach the urine hose in the wall
    • Screws for mounting the toilet in the wall or in the floor
    • A sample of Bioblock – used to prevent clocking in the internal urine hose
    • Installation template


Recommended accessories

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