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Tiny® Lite with Urine tube

3-5 days
We believe in doing what is best for our customers and the environment, with this in consideration we did not want to simply dispose of a series of toilets that have a known issue. Tiny Lite has a known issue with the view screen not closing completely after use, this is due to an error in the connection between the upper part and the viewscreen. We are offering this model at a discounted rate due to this issue, however the view screen will not be considered under warranty for this particular issue. You have the possibility of removing the view screen for your personal use. The toilet funtions correctly in every other In all other aspects the warranty is our standard 5 years. Separett Tiny is a urine diverting toilet that is especially developed for Tiny Homes and other small spaces such as camper vans, caravans, boats, hunting cottages etc. All that is needed for installation is the electric energy of 12 V or 110–240 V and a 50 mm pipe that is used for ventilating the toilet.
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  • Product description

    Leisure toilet for the smaller spaces!

    Tiny® is the latest addition to the Separate family of urine-separating toilets. The smaller design and lessons learned from several decades have led to a modern urine separation toilet that is especially suitable for those installations where space is limited.

    High capacity

    Thanks to the urine separation, both the smell and the volume of the waste that must be disposed of are reduced. What comes out of toilets is air from the 50mm pipe that is pulled out of the toilet space and urine from a 32mm pipe behind the toilet. If the toilet is used in permanent housing by 2 people, you need to empty the container for the fixed once a week. Urine is passed to an external container which is emptied when needed.

    Hygienic and odorless

    Separett Tiny® has high operational reliability and is easy to install. The fan exhales the small odor that is formed despite urine separation and also contributes to a better indoor climate by constantly keeping the air in the space in motion. The fan is efficient and quiet and feels best from continuous operation.


    The privacy screen hides the dry waste in the latrine container and is only pushed away when you sit down to use the toilet. This means that you never see the toilet waste except when it is time to empty.

    5 year warranty

    Leisure toilet Tiny® is covered by a five-year guarantee.

  • How the product works

  • User instructions

    Urine hose

    The urine hose is connected to either the existing greywater drain, external infiltration, an external container (such as the Separett Ejector tank accessory) or other approved solution.

    Emptying of solid waste

    The solid waste is collected in the waste container which is fitted with a compostable waste bag. For full-time use in a household of 2 people, the solid waste should be emptied approximately after 2 weeks of use. Open the upper part of the toilet to empty the solid waste. Make sure that the top is locked in its opened position before releasing it. Then follow the steps below:

    1. Place the included lid on the container.

    2. Lift the container by its yellow handle and pull it up out of the toilet.

    3. Carry the container to where the waste will be handled.

    The solid waste can then be handled in one of the following ways:

    Option 1: To be composted directly in an approved compost

    Option 2: To be incinerated directly in an approved incinerator

    Option 3: Place it in a container and have it standing in “hibernation” for at least 12 months by following the steps below:

    A) Place in an appropriate location outdoors in a suitable container with a solid bottom.

    B) Fill the container with a layer of soil (approx. 2 cm (0,8”)), make sure that the container is properly ventilated so that air circulates in the container.

    C) Let sit for 12 months. The bacteria in the soil will break down the harmful organisms in the feces, rendering the waste harmless.

    D) After the storage period, the contents can be composted in an ordinary compost, garden compost or buried along with the compostable bio bag.

  • Installation

    Toilet placement

    Separett Tiny has no requirements for room temperature and works in both cold and warm spaces. The onlyrequirements are that you must be able to lead the urine away and fit a ventilation pipe.
    The toilet is made to be placed on the floor against the wall, and for extra stability it should be attached either to the floor, wall or both.

    Make holes according to installation template

    The enclosed installation template shows possible installation options for urine drains and ventilation pipes through the wall behind the toilet or through the floor. These options enable an installation without visible pipes.

    Install ventilation pipe

    The toilet is designed for 50 mm pipes (outer diameter). For optimal function it is recommended that you use Separett’s own installation kit that has pipes and angles in the correct dimensions. Separett Tiny can be installed with up to 5 meters of ventilation piping and 2 90-degree bends. Ventilated air can go through a wall, floor or roof, for example, up into an attic and out through a suitable side of the house. If there is already a ventilation pipe present from a previous toilet installation, the toilet may be connected to
    that duct, provided that it is not smaller than 50 mm and that it meets the piping requirements. Should you need longer piping that exceeds the recommendations above, you may install an extra fan (article number 13008) The toilet comes with a coupling for connecting the included 40 cm-long 50 mm pipe to a 1.5 inch pipe (schedule 40).

    Install urine hose

    The toilet is delivered with a 2-meter (6,6 ft) urine hose. To connect this to the toilet, use the included straight joint or the 90-degree joint. Like the installation of the ventilation pipes, it is possible to connect the urine tube so that no pipe is visible where the toilet is installed. This is achieved by angling the 90-degree connection downwards or using the straight connection, as shown in the pictures below.

    Recommendations for installation of urine hose

    As with the ventilation duct, Tiny provides the option of installing the urine hose without any visible pipes/tubes in the bathroom. Below are a few tips that should be followed to maintain a well-functioning urine outlet over time and all year round.

    • If you are going to go through an insulated wall or a wall with an air gap between the inner and outer wall, you must use a pipe for the penetration, or lead the hose through a pipe. Pipes are used to reduce the risk of pests causing damage to the tube.
    • If you are going to run the urine a longer distance than the 2 meters (6,6 ft) of the supplied hose, you should switch to a pipe after the 2 meters (6,6 ft). Since urine contains minerals that can accumulate in pipes/ hoses, we recommend that the subsequent pipe have a diameter of at least 40 mm to avoid blockages.
    • Make sure that you always have a downward inclination of at least 2 degrees (2 cm per meter or 0,8 inch per 40 inch) throughout the piping, also make sure that there are no air pockets created by bends in the hose.
    • If the toilet is to be used in winter, outdoor pipes must have a diameter of at least 40 mm (1,6”).
    • If the toilet is to be used in winter, we recommend that you insulate outdoor pipes with pipe insulation. This insulation can be bought in most DIY stores.
    • An important rule for longer installations (over 2 meters (6,6ft)) is that the sooner you switch to pipes with a larger diameter, the lower the risk of blockages in the pipes.
    • Do not place pipe joints near electrical appliances or wall sockets. This is to prevent liquid from coming into contact with electricity in the event of a leak

  • Maintenance and cleaning

    <p>Separett Tiny should be cleaned with an environmentally friendly non-abrasive cleaner. This toilet is made of a strong, high-gloss polypropylene material that risks being scratched if an<br />abrasive cleaner or scrubbing plate is used.</p>
    <p><br />The fan must run continuously to avoid odors in the bathroom. Regularly rinse the filter in the fan duct with water to maintain good ventilation.</p>

  • Productdata
    Filter by function Battery powered / solar powered
    Filter by function Minimizes odor
    Place of installation Boat, RV
    Place of installation Leisure home without electricity
    Place of installation Leisure home with electricity
    Place of installation Year around residency
    Product weight   8,5 kg
    Max user weight                                              150 kg
    Product measurements                                                      
    Seat height                                                       44-45 cm
    Package size                                                                            
    Emptying interval with 4 users (liquids)    
    Emptying interval with 4 users (solids)                        
    Energy consumption                                                            
    Total effect                                                      12 V / 1,6 W / 133 mA
    Voltage                                                              12 V
    Ventilation duct / pipes 
    Noise level in use                                           <30 dB(A)
  • This is included
    • Tiny® toilet with urine tube
    • Instructions for use
    • Installation manual
    • Battery cables for 12 V use
    • Universal adapter for 110-240 V use
    • 1 x latrine container with lid
    • Internal urine hose for extraction of urine
    • Ø 32 mm urine hose 2 m
    • Ø 32 mm straight connector pipe
    • Ø 32 mm 9-degree connctor pipe
    • Flashing for Ø 32 mm wall penetraton
    • 2 x wall bracket for Ø 32 mmurine hose
    • Ø 50 mm ventilation pipe 40 cm
    • Adapter ⌀ 50 mm - 1 ½ ”
    • Ventilation grille with insect net
    • Ventilation cowl
    • Holder for drain cleaning tablet
    • Installation sketch
    • Screws for wall / floor
    • Sample compostable bags
    • Drain cleaning sample
    • Absorb pad sample
    • Filter for ventilation pipes


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