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Spring is coming

Easter and spring is approaching! How do you freshen up your cabin for the season in the best way?

~ It is a special time right now considering the Corona virus (COVID-19) and it is not easy keeping up with information as the situation changes from day to day. With that said, we ask you to follow the guidelines and recommendations given to you in your country, for your sake and for the safety of all of us ~


After a very grey, rainy and windy winter in at least the nordic countries, spring is perhaps more wished-for than ever. We are finally heading towards brighter, longer days and hopefully  some hours of sunshine. Is there anything better than welcoming spring by opening up the summer cottage for the season? To get some peace and quiet by sitting down in the garden or on the veranda with a cup of coffee while listening to the twitter of birds in the fresh spring air. 

To be able to fully enjoy the time in your cottage during spring and summer, a well-functioning toilet solution is a must. No matter how simple or high-tech your holiday home is, there is a suitable toilet solution for you. Below we list three different alternatives from Separett that suit most holiday homes.



Some of Separetts waterless toilet solutions

> A urine diverting PRIVY is the perfect solution for those of you who have an existing outdoor toilet that you simply want to freshen up. With the urine-diverting insert, the odor in the outhouse decreases by as much as 80% as the urine is routed via a hose to a soakaway or tank (preferably our Ejectortank). The heating seat makes it extra comfortable during colder summer nights and even during winter.

> Separett VILLA is a urine separating toilet that with its simplicity and unlimited capacity offers a carefree and simple solution for any type of cottage, house or Tiny house. The urine is separated from the solid waste and the toilet is equipped with a fan that ventilates humid air outside, making it completely odorless in the space where the toilet is located. The urine is diverted to an external tank, infiltration or our Ejectortank while the solid waste ends up in a compostable biobag made of corn. This type of toilet requires only ventilation and electricity (or battery / solar cells depending on the model).

> The Incinerating toilets FAMILY/BASIC series give you almost the same freedom and comfort as a regular toilet. During a toilet visit you place a bag in the toilet, then pee and/or po, when you are finished you push the flushing stick down and start a program that burns the waste, leaving only a small amount of ash to handle that can then be spread in your garden. This type of toilet requires only ventilation and electricity.

Checklist for you who already are a Separett customer

Do you have a urine-separating toilet?

Make sure the fan is silent - if it sounds odd, something may have gotten into the tube. 

Check the fan housing if this is the case and remove any debris by removing the fan housing, emptying it and then reassembling it. 

Check that the urine drain is in its correct position.

Do you have an incinerating toilet? 

Check the entire ventilation tube and the vent hood to make sure that it is free of obstruction. 

Also take a look inside of the toilet and the ashtray to make sure no small animals have made your toilet their home during the cold days of winter. 

After checking the toilet, you can put the ashtray back in, connect the toilet to the ventilation pipe and connect the plug to the socket. Turn on a program. If the heating element does not work properly, it is possible that moisture has crept in during the winter. Try turning the toilet off and on, turning on the heat in the room and allowing the toilet to stand for a few hours before trying again. When you have a program started and the toilet is heating, let the whole program run without any waste in the toilet.


Separett wishes you a lovely weekend!