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Service for incineration toilets

In order for your incinerating toilet to function optimally, it needs regular service. The service includes replacing the element loop, cleaning of all parts, checking insulation and updating control cards. You can choose to service it with any service partner. We have recommended prices with all partners, but there may be some difference. You can also choose to either book transport or to deliver the toilet yourself.

Our recommended price for a basic service is SEK 2,895 incl. VAT. Shipping cost may be added.

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What Is Included

- Replacing the heating element
- Cleaning / inspection of thermal sensors
- Catalyst cleaning / control
- Cleaning / checking the fan
- Cleaning the smokepipe
- Check opening of trap door. Cleaning and adjustment if necessary
- General inspection of the toilet and inspection of all cabling
- The control card is updated with the latest software
- Resetting service in the service menu
- The toilet is tested to ensure that it achieves good incineration

If necessary, there is a cost for material change, heating element included. For parts that are replaced during service, Separett provides a 6-month material guarantee from the service date.

NOTE! For our service partners' work environment, it is important that the ashtray has been emptied and the toilet cleaned during basic service.

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