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Separett Affiliate Marketing Program


Separett with the vision to contribute to a higher quality of life for the many

Separett develop waterless toilet solutions with the aim of increasing the quality of life, facilitating everyday life and making it more comfortable for everyone.

Separett AB was founded in 1976 and our products make it possible to save water for something more valuable than flushing away your waste. For us, it is important to contribute to a better world. Today, 2 billion people live without access to an adequate toilet solution - that is 2 billion too many. Together with various organizations, we have contributed to a higher quality of life with waterless toilets on almost all continents.

Why do we work with affiliates?

In order to fulfill our vision we need to make our products available for as many people as possible. Our products are available in many places in the world but not all markets have an active distributor working with Separett products. To make Separett products more available and the benefits of waterless toilets more known everywhere, we need help from forerunners who reach an audience.

Who are we looking for? - An ideal affiliate

Separett products are used domestically in both on- and off-grid locations where the majority of installations are done for example in cabins, cottages, narrowboats, tiny homes, recreational vehicles and van conversions. If you have for example a blog, social media channel or a website that has a strong touchpoint to our product category, you might be an ambassador we are looking for.

Currently there is a trend of remodeling vans to mobile homes. People with vlogs and social media channels containing content related to this subject are in great interest of ours.

What do we offer

The best we have to offer is a fine assortment of products that are easy to work with and already loved by hundreds of thousands of people. An affiliate gets compensated via Adrecord for every sale that's generated from traffic from your channel as the final affiliate point of entry to Separett website. The basic compensation is same for everybody but the selected best affiliates have a possibility for an increased compensation.

We also do campaigns with selected affiliates and these campaigns can be supported with a discount code. Contact marketing(at) to discuss campaigns and discount codes.

Become our ambassador

To become an affiliate you need to have a platform to market the products. A platform can be an app, a website or a social media channel for example.

Separett uses Adrecord affiliate marketing platform. Follow these easy steps to apply to become a Separett ambassador.

1. Create an account on Adrecord webpage and follow the steps to get your email verified and account completely set-up

2. Connect your channel to your Adrecord account

3. Find Separett in the Adrecord advertisers and apply to the program intented for your area*

4. If you get accepted follow the steps to implement the links to your posts and/or channels

Geographical area

*Our affiliate program is available in the EU with the exception of Ireland, Denmark, the Czech Republic and France where it is not possible for private customers to shop directly on There are separate channels for Sweden, Finland, Germany (inc. Austria and The Netherlands) and Other EU-countries.


The applied terms for affiliate marketing with Separett are available on Adrecord.