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Repair terms

When you report an error, we require a lot of information such as serial number, purchase receipt, photos of installation and a detailed error description.

We understand that it can be perceived as difficult and we apologize for that

but we actually do it for YOUR sake.

We ask you to fill in the claim carefully and ensure that you attach all the requested photos and documents. The reason why we need all this information is to be able to make a correct assessment of the case and provide feedback with good measures, not only to make your toilet work again but to make sure that the problem does not recur.

If you do not meet our conditions with a picture of the receipt, installation pictures that we requir to make a warranty assessment, you will have to approve that the case is processed out of warranty and costs are charged to you as a customer.

Why do we have these requirements?

We register all incoming claims and the 2 single biggest root-causes of problems experienced on our products are related to incorrect installation and incorrect use.

At each claim, a check is made of the toilet in connection with repair. If it´s discovered that the cause of the error is related to use or installation, the claim will be rejected and the costs will be charged to you as a customer.

We will of course support you how to change your installation or have a review with you how to use our products correctly so that the same problem does not occur again.

We have tried to compile information on some areas that may be important for you to know and that we hope can contribute to better understanding of our processes .

Therefore, we ask you to read through the areas below:

  •          Installation - Why is the installation so important for the well-being of the toilet?
  •          Usage - what are the most common misuse??
  •          Long-term storage - How to avoid problems during longer absences?
  •          Purchase receipt - Why do you need to save a purchase receipt?
  •          Claim / Repair - What is fault reporting?
  •          Service partners - Where can I find an authorized servicepartner?



Incinerating toilets require a correct installation to function optimally. In order for us to be able to help you in the best way to assess your case correctly, we request pictures of the installation.

If you have a warranty left on your product, it is a requirement that all pictures are attached, otherwise the case may be treated as a repair case where you bear the costs.

If you have no warranty left, but want a repair, pictures are optional - but we /-servicepartner will be able to detect problems and give you advise to prevent further problems if we get access to the pictures.

Why is the installation so important for the toilet??

The installation is essential for the well - being of the toilet because it is designed and tested for a certain air flow and hence we only allow only the various installation instructions in our manual.

When a incinerating program starts, the fan works at full capacity and creates negative pressure in the toilet if the installation is correct.

Too much resistance that can occur due to different reasons, for example 1. You add an extra bend 2. You don´t use our 90 degree bend 3. Incorrect ventilation cowl causes the toilet to lose negative pressure during incinerating process.

The idea is that the fumes and smoke from the incinerating process are sucked out of the chamber with the help of the fan and transported through the catalyst that eliminates most of the smell but  if there is negative pressure then the air is forced out into the toilet and instead flows through the fan.

This damages internal components and because the air does not pass through the catalyst, the air particles are not cleaned and the smell becomes very strong outdoors.

So if the toilet does not have the correct installation, the fan will be clogged, the toilet and the components will also be black with soot due to the air being forced out into the toilet



There are cases where the incinerating toilets does not work, usually where the element has stopped working before it is time for service.

Most common misuse:

  1.        Urinates in the same bag several times / saves urine in a bag overnight / does not use a bag

You must flush immediately after each use!! Urine contains a lot of salt crystals and if you don´t flush this down and burn it immediately, the bag made of paper will only hold the urine for about 20 minutes, then it starts to leak. Urine will damage / corrode the components in the toilet, especially exposed are elements, thermal sensor and combustion chamber.

  1.        Does not press the incinerating program after each flush

You must press a new program after each flush even when a incinerating program is running. If urine remains in the pot, it will eventually corrode through the metal due to the salts.

If the toilet is incorrectly used through no. 1 and no. 2 in the previous paragraph, the urine will settle in the insulation and the insulation will in turn green.


  1.        The Ash box is not emptied in time / factory setting warns after 50 keystrokes

You must empty ash box asap efter you have received the message.

Ash is built up all the way to the thermal sensor and the element. This causes these components to burn and will be damaged and needs to be replaced/cleaned before service intervals.

This is detected in the control of the toilet because these components have burnt ash


Long-term storage

Have you returned after longer absent and discovered that the toilet does not work?

IMPORTANT! The power must be switched on in the toilet at all times while the toilet is connected to the exhaust pipe. The fan then prevents moisture from entering the toilet, and it prevents it from getting cold.

If the power is switched off, the toilet must be disconnected from the exhaust air pipe. The pipe must then be closed again so that moisture does not enter the space where the toilet is located. (See "Long-term storage")

We will of course help you get your toilet running again but it will not go under any warranty and the cost of repair will be charged to you as a customer.


Purchase receipt

Like everyone else, we have a warranty period on our products. What verifies the product's warranty period is your purchase receipt, the warranty takes effect from the date of purchase.

If you do not have a receipt, we will of course help you with your fault report anyway and ensure that your product works satisfactorily, but we will then have to handle it as a repair where we charge the costs to you.

You can always get back later with picture of the receipt and then we take this into account.

If you are unsure what type of product you have, we have a library with all our toilets, old and new and an explanation of how to find the product label with product information + possibly. serial number.

Are you unsure of what the warranty covers and how long a warranty you have? Read our warranty terms ›


Claim reporting / Repair

It's sad that you have a problem with one of our products. We are constantly working to minimize errors and try to prevent the problems that may arise.

Regardless of whether you have a warranty left or not, you can get help to solve the faults with your product.

We have recently redesigned our fault report form, so you can now use our web tool whether it is a warranty issue or a non-warranty repair.

You get the choice whether you have a warranty or not.

  1.        Choose Warranty, the matter will be handled and assessed by Separett. If claim is accepted, we will notify you and send a repair order to your selected service partner who you contact yourself and book a time that suits you.
  2.        If you choose out of warranty, an email will be sent to your selected service partner and they will contact you with the approximate price and time for repair.
  3.        For repairs outside the warranty period there is a start-up fee.
  4.        The servicepartner will contact the customer for approval if a repair exceeds first agreed price.
  5.        For parts that are replaced during service, Separett provides a 6-month material warranty from the date of service.

If there is no fault in the product but it is a basic-service of an incinerator you want, you can use the service booking instead


Service partners

Separett only works with authorized partners who are trained by Separett. Choose the servicepartner that is closest to you (or the toilet) for the smoothest case.

The cost for freight or on-site service vary between servicepartners.

You can also self deliver the toilet to service at all servicepartners at no expense.

You will be contacted with a quotation if you select on site service/repair or freight as delivery method.

Note! Not all servicepartners offer on-site Service/Repair.

On our web-site you can choose between options below:

  •          Drop-off - you are responsible for handing in the toilet to our partner's workshop
  •          On-site service - The servicepartner offers to perform service / repair on site where the toilet is installed for a fee.
  •          Shipping to Service partner - You will receive packaging and return slip sent to you for return of toilet for service. NOTE Only available as an alternative to Separett Värnamo

On our servicepartner map, you can see what the different servicepartners offer for different handling options.


Things to keep in mind when visiting Servicepartner


  •          Don´t forget to empty the ashtray and roughly clean the toilet. A NON-cleaned toilet, will be charged a cleaning fee of 1000 SEK.
  •          Don´t forget opportunity to buy accessories such as bags, bag holders and heating seats.

Finally, do you have any questions ?? Don´t be afraid to ask!

Everyone at Separett wants to help you have a simple and comfortable ownership of your Separett.