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Privy Insulating Seat, grey

3-5 days
The Separett Privy Insulating Seat is a urine separation kit that easily can be fitted in an existing outdoor toilet.
SKU: 1265-01
Not available for sale - contact us if interested
  • Product description

    Separett Privy is a urine diverinting inset that is delivered with a traditional insulating seat. Privy is easily installed in an existing outhouse.

    Thanks to urine diverting there is less handling of the waste and at the same time the room becomes more modern and has a more fresh scent. By separating the urine from the solids the odors are minimised and at the same time the amount of waste is reduced by about 80 % which is the urine proportion of the total waste.

  • Installation

    Privy is delivered with at installation siphon. The siphon is in the package itself and with it you can easily cut a perfect size hole for the inset.

  • Maintenance and cleaning

    We recommended using biological cleaning substances especially when the waste is to be used as fertiliser.

    Change the waste bucket often to increase the capacity of Privy.

  • Productdata
    Package weight 2 kg
    Product measurements                                                       Width 37,5 cm | Height 17,1cm | Length 45 cm
    Seat height                                                       Recommended: 42 cm
    Package size                                                                             Length 47 cm | Width 38 cm | Height 21 cm
    Material upper part                                       EPS
    Material lower part                                       High-gloss polypropene - recyclable
  • Files and Manuals

    Product sheet Measurements Privy 500 Measurements for hole - A3

  • This is included

    - Urine diverting inset Privy 500, grey

    - Instulating seat, grey

    - Installation siphon (the delivery box)

    - Screws for attaching the inset

    - 2,5 meters of pipe for leading out urine


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