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How do other toilet solutions work? 🌾

In this post, we review the use and function of the following toilet solutions: Urine diverting Dry Toilet, Freezer Toilet and our Portable Toilet.


🚽 Urine diverting Privy

This toilet solution is perfect for those who want to upgrade their existing outdoor toilet. Privy 500 is a urine diverting insert that comes with a replaceable heating seat that is available in the colors Blue and Gray. The heating seat is made of styrofoam and reflects heat for increased comfort and convenience on an outdoor toilet even during the coldest months of the year. Separett also offers urine separating dry toilet with a toilet seat in hard plastic: Dry toilet 501. The urine diverting insert separates urine from solid waste, which leads to reduced odor and reduced handling of the waste.


Urine makes up as much as 80% of our total waste. We recommend that the urine hose is connected to our Ejector tank ~ where the urine is automatically mixed with the right amount of water to then be able to spread as nutritious irrigation to flowers and shrubs in the garden 🌻


🚽 Rescue Camping 25

Separett Rescue Camping 25 is a portable toilet solution that is the perfect companion in a boat, motorhome or on a camping trip. It is easy to assemble for quick use and just as easy to disassemble for easy transport. The bag that comes with takes up minimal space and the toilet weighs only 4 kg. This toilet solution is also urine separating. The dry waste is collected in a compostable latrine bag and the urine can either be discharged to the ground ~ or suggested to be collected in an external container (for example a bottle) and then handled at a later time. Rescue Camping 25 is specially adapted for mobile freedom! 


🚽 Freeze

Separett Freeze is a freezer that does not require a fixed installation to work. The toilet is free from installation, drainage, and ventilation. It only needs to be connected with electricity and can easily be moved around when needed. Freeze acts as a freezer box ~ after use, the waste is frozen, becomes completely odorless and can then be composted. This toilet is suitable both as a permanent toilet solution in holiday homes or as a temporary solution for bathroom renovations, for example.



From left: Urine diverting Privy, Rescue Camping 25, Freeze 2000