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Separett in China

Our work in China

Today, most people in rural China live with a hole in the ground as their toilet solution. Getting rid of the unsanitary and dangerous latrines in rural China is a government goal which is encouraged with government subsidies. All households in a village need to agree to upgrade their toilet solution to receive a state subsidy for this, the subsidy is then given per family who wishes to install a toilet.

We have been supplying 2,000 toilets to China since the fall of 2019. Hundreds of families in Shanxi Province, northern China, have now installed a Separatt Villa in their homes.

In 2019, Separett CEO Mikael and COO Jyri visited some families in China who installed the first toilets. The photos below are taken in the village of Yingzhuang where all families have a Separatt Villa. The knowledge that our products make these families' everyday lives more comfortable makes us incredibly happy.

VD Mikael och Vice VD Jyri besöker de första installationerna i Kina